Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Uritza Smith, Snakes And Frogs, Dancers For Hits, Moves To Make, Hats And Horns, Bald Heads?

..Uritza Smith Uritza Anderson....http://rainbowtogether.com/member/photos/333SMITH/1368

Knights and kings, crooks and robbers, cheaters and snakes in the grass, stories to tell. White knights, white lights, while snakes in grass, hell hounds on earth. Hats and wigs, caps and horns, devils and saints, sinners on land, faces of frogs, monkeys with wings to fly away, songs in the woods. Dances in the dark, joys and pleasures, pimps and cows, hogs and pigs. 

Uritza Smith....Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, Ventura, CA, pimp on call, day job, nuts to go, blow jobs for dicks: seven snakes under the skin, faces of frogs. Rites and reasons, seasons in the sun, donkeys in the hills and valleys, ways to grow, ways to life for the second view. Noses and views, people to have, time and interest to share, lots of love to share, pages to books, to turn, to flip. Coins and cards, tables of players, games to play, lucky in cards, lucky in life. Jewish White Loads, wide and fat, ball in the air, chicks without hair, Rach Jay, Rachel Jarrot, Sima and Sheri Jarrot, faces to flip. Joys and pains, bumps in the road, free trips with devils, snakes and frogs, faces in the mirror, faces under the skin, faces in the dark. 

Uritza Smith.....Monkey swingers in the dogwood trees, crooks and robbers, died with Jesus Christ, back in the day. Stories of crooks to hang, Steven and Charles R. Jarrot, names to hang, cheaters and liars today. Dances with snakes, dances with wolves, dances with frogs, faces under the skin. Tips to stay alive, notes of others, third party views, history online, tales told. Unlucky Bank Robbers.Nightmares, Devils and Angels, Battles Won....Write and rites, horse and pony shows, cowboys jacks and bag, boy games to play. Snakes And Worms, History Recorded, Frogs Army Notes To Take. Dates to write, dates to live, dates on the right side of the lights, trips to hell not right, lessons learned the first time. Love and hate, joys and pains, monkeys to dodge, trips to grandmother house. Girls in red hood, girls with purple hair, trips to the moon and back. 

http://rainbowtogether.com/member/photos/333SMITH/1370.Uritza Smith......Long Beach, CA. dances with dykes. Uritza Smith, one to have fun. Games with kids, games with goats, games with butches, with a bag of dicks. Numbers up, dicks and dogs, bitches in heat, shit to trade, party and play. Snake In Grass, Pimped Out, Cheap Trails, Name Of Games Played. Dreams of Live in the water, tales in the air, tales to spin. Tips and stories to share, here is a little advice. From a Mermaid, Daisy, Pepper, or Starr, tickets to sell, here a word or two. Drink like a fish, play in the waves, ride out the storms. Live so deep, believe in magic, sing your own songs. Huntington Beach, Tips to share, California waves to ride the tides. We've been thinking about you....

Glass Houses....princefrogguplandtips.blogspot.com...Hairdresser and bad hair dazes, better than dazes without hair, like Rachel Jarrot? Sheri Jarrot, Queen of Whales, butch, and bitch with big mouth, stuff best with dicks ...7603601613- pussy licker, Rachel Jarrot, best pussy yet to lick, games on since birth- April 16, 1995. Best sapsuckers, for cash or credit, robbers and crooks. Charles R. Jarrot, 7607778998- to date on the beaches in Ventura, Oxnard, Santa Monica and Venice, RV camper Steven and Sheri Jarrot, 7608512267. Reigns of frogs, Prince and Princess Rachel Jarrot, butch, butch, whales on land to date. Good times on the dark sides of the moon. Hell hounds, gifts and talents to share, oral experts of craigslists...lost veterans in search of peace of mind: views to share about the lights on again.. .Steven Jarrot,7608512267 now. freak, frog, sucker, loves to have sex organs male first...Princess Frog Nice to be here, nice to think about the growth and changes in place for the new dawns on dreams of greatness. Gifts to share, joy and pains of the bumps in night. Tales to spin, spooks, ghost, cows, and wales on the seas. Raves and waves to boats to float, glory dazes done, pages to turn. ....

Cows, cattle, frogs and snakes, meat on the table, burgers to go, pixies foods, games on the beach, balls in the air, tricks and dicks in lines. Party and play cows, to bitches, butches with dicks, cows to cum home. Tricks and trades, shit in a bag, queers and steers, cows to roam. Home for the cow, home for fascism freaks. Cows and cattle, dicks out of the box, fags to date, fag hags in wigs, butches with dicks in a bag, Steven Jarrot's and his balls, balls to toss, dicks in hand, dicks in his mouth, cum to taste, nasty dogs, dicks to suck all the time. RV campers, tricks and trades, veterans to prey, searches daily, liars and cheaters, liver for hogs, pigs and cow, fatty steaks, beef and hogs, table treats.

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