Tuesday, May 24, 2016

STARR Notes, frogs and fish, plenty of frogs to dodge, plenty of fish in seas. Steve Jarrot, and Rachel Jarrot, with the help from the hairdresser Sheri Jarrot, to lick and suck all the weak people that want free drugs, or sex or whatever the trade called for to meet the devils here on earth, the biggest group of frogs, that are life cuck suckers, that will ride you to the left side of the grave if you are sleep on your feet.

Raiders Of Blog Returns: Rach Jay, Steven and Cheryl Jarrot-Seven Snakes, monkeys swingers on dogwood trees, frogs to eat the worms, pigs to eat snakes.Songs to sing, daily life, events to write home about, fags, snakes, frogs to toads, Cuban Rites. Living the dizzy life - Should i stay or should i go? Pieces of a Dream: Challenge Growths: Rach Jay: Rachel ...Gay just like Dad....Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, hell hound, oral expert, to share, to trade, to barter, for cash, day jobs.

Wits and charms, words of the wise, tales and tips, lovers and haters, lessons learned over time, lots of hard knocks, ways to go. Classes on love and luck, classes of chicks on the beaches, veterans are some of the best, standards to stand tall. Pages of luck, pages of love, pages of dates, pages of books to turn, dances and horses to runs. Dreams on beaches, dreams in motions, dreams in drama, dances on the sands of time. 

Tips with history created, cartoon characters, monkeys and snakes in dogwood trees. Save the world, with a pimp and his whore, stars at night to shine the way. Birth of a bastard, birth of a king, Jesus Christ, super star, common story, told eight ways. Fairy tales, Bible stories, crooks and robbers hanging from dogwood trees. 

Bald Birds, American Signs, Sit And Spin Times, Lovers Of Drama, Charms For Snakes In Grass.....familyfuckfestthursdaysindec2014.blogspot.com....Hits and misses, guess in numbers, ways to get in. doors to open. ....(7**) ***- _ _ 75....Horses to run, horses to water, horse and pony shows, racing runs, last days. Happy dazes again, joys and pains, bumps in the roads, paths taken. Horses to watch, horse and pony shows, races on the sands of time, classes on the shores, classes on the beaches. Love and hate, goats and sheep, horse and pony shows, to hurt, to love, to hate. Classes of horses to watch, horse and pony shows, games on the sands of times, races to watch, bets to place. Games of luck.

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