Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Dawn the Rebirth
It was not a hot day by any means, it was a warmer day than yesterday and it was not raining. Another sunny day for the coastal city of Santa Barbara, California, sitting on the cliff that over looks the Crown Jewell's and the Queen Bee ships ready for the high seas. Both were tied up and sitting in the docks, the silver and the blue with the gray stripe were shining out, and floating on the moor, it was great.

Starr and Sabrina Jackson were waiting for the stars to come out tonight. It was a game that the twins still played who could guess the time the sun will set. It was just a dance of colors across the sky, and it was about the shadows that the sun has to pass at varies points in time. There are never two days with the same colors during sunset, just like there are not two snow flakes that are the same during a snow storm, so this is what they still like to do together. Watch the changing colors of the sunset, is always the best way to end the day, for them it was a way of life, to see the setting sun over the ocean.

This was also the time that the fairies, pixies and the butterflies come out to put the colors in the stars that that shine at night, and they also get to paint the colors on the flowers and all the little things that make up the night. Night has not arrived yet, it is a couple of hours away, still is what both Starr and Sabrina think, and the talk go on to the party for the new birth. 

A cerebration that we do every year, for the new birth, and it is about the butterflies and the new worlds and the new  starts on a change of plans. It is the guest list for the fundraiser that is set for March 18, 2014, and the list of the insects that are going to be the star features of the night. Colors had to be picked for the butterflies, moths and the dragon flies, which were the order of the day. The theme was set for May Day, and had to check to see if we would be able to get enough flowers for the parade. There were so many projects that we still need to check, it was about the time of day, and the floats needed to be covered with over 20,000 flowers.

Wings were going to be the hard part, and we need wings for butterflies, moths, and dragonflies, and the fairies, pixies, and the angels, needed wings also. We had about 2 dozen left over from Christmas, and it was going to be a piece of cake to get them back for this May Day party. Needed to get the wings for the guest, and for the prizes also, we had wings to make the angels wonder if they had lost any at all. It was going to be a great night for the wonder of all the lights that will be on.

Angel wings were in the bag, and they were about two dozen to be had there, those were all white of course, and may not be noticed if we have to change the colors of some of them. We were going to have to pick up the color wings for the insects with wings, and the fairies, pixies, and the queen bee also.

 The worker bees would be the servers, and the classes will change with the jobs that the bugs are assigned to. It was going to be a lot of fun, and everyone in the family had there parts, there were going to be about 500 family members that were taking planes, trains, buses and horses to get to the rebirth this year. Those were just the Campbells, Beetles, Baileys, Desilvas, Da Silvas, and the De Silvas, and all the marriages and the kids produced with be a large turn out. 

Blues, greens, browns, reds, and yellows are a few of the colors that were needed for the wings of the butterflies. Still waiting for the last light for the the name of this event. We had decided on May Day, and would do it early or two times this year, we had not been able to clear it with Sima or Sheri Jarrot, as if their views mattered it was always moot to include them, by Grand Madam wanted to invite her old friend from Cuba. 

Time in the sky, times with the fly boys, for the joys and pleasures in a plane. Time to get on a jet plane, to fly in the clouds, close to the sun. Sunny and bright dazes in the air. Free as a bird, up in the sky over the ocean,over the mountains, the sky is the limits. The best times of our lives yet to come. Flying planes for fun, good times in the air, good times on the trips to here and there, blue skies over clear blue seas. Dream life for the good guys, for the dreamers and the dances, goodness and mercy notes.

Still waiting and still watching Starr and Sabina, had picked the colors for the fairies, for the pixies, and the butterflies, and was able to get the colors to blend in with the white angel wings. The same ones that were left over from Christmas. At that time the colors of the sky went from blue to purple, with the blends of green flashing in the shadows of the changing colors of the sky during the sunset. The two concurred the sunsets were better for them, than to the try and catch a sunrise. Starts on the days varied, and it was not always possible to be on the same page for that.  End of the day was easy to met together for that purpose alone to brighten up all of our days.

Soon the night show that the fairies, pixies, and the butterflies, were done with the colors of the sky and the changing colors on the sunset over the ocean and across the waves and the roar of the water and the sand alone the coast of Santa Barbara. The twins Starr and Sabrina Jackson saw another flash of colors alone the sunset on the coast, as they sat on a cliff and watch the boats, and the sun leave the sky. The fairies, pixies and butterflies had done another good job with the lights out tonight, again and like always.

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