Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hopes And Wishes, Songs In The Nines, Angels In Airs, Graces To Winds.

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Cartoon hits, lessons learned, kids and what to watch, hours spent in the house. Games with crooks and robbers, tales of donkeys in the hills, faces of snakes in the grass, faces under the skin. Ways to view the world, cartoon hit and misses, back in time. Life on a dime, life on the edge, life in the shadows, Jewish Rites, dances with snakes. Crooks , liars, cheaters, hackers and worms, dates with frogs out of the seas. Ships of fools to sail again, lots of room for a fish out of the seas. Birds and bees, songs in the trees, songs in the winds, angels to guide, horses to water. Rats to run, monkeys swingers in the dogwood trees, monkey hit and misses.

 Frogs kissed in another life. Tales to be told.  Charles R Jarrot Credit Offices:1875 Century Park E:Los Angeles, CA 90067:Century City Lyon to faces in mirror, looks fading fast, hair losses. Lions in packs for dinner and treats. Monkeys see and monkeys do, swinging on branches, from tree to tree. Monkeys on dogwood trees, in the woods.Lyon to masks in place, faces in the mirror, goodness and mercy looks, history of the blame game that is currently played thought out this family. I like to call them the Jewish Army of 2016.  

Words to take to heart, Make Me Wanna Holler, Fairies, Friends, Foes, Facts, And Funny Faces. Fish, Frogs, Snakes, Worms, Dances On Sands Of Time. Sunny And Bright, Dreams.over the snakes and frogs, friends of minute, never more like it. Veterans to caught, and give a free ride to hell, in a basket, sharks and land whales, battles and wars. Games to play, stories left to follow the growth, the lies, the funny faces of cheaters, crooks and liars over time and space. Taxes to pay, holler about that, hands in the air, American Birds, sit and spin. Words to share, songs to play over time and space, birds in the heaven, dead ducks.  NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND LYRICS - Fairies, Friends, Foes, Facts, And Funny Faces. Fish, Frogs, Snakes, Worms, Dances On Sands Of Time. Sunny And Bright, Dreams.The heaviest burden is an empty pocket." Stuck In The Middle - A cow has a long tongue but can't say a blessing."A-Z Lyrics.Jewish Proverbs: A wise man hears one word and understands two..Chicago. I assume Gerry Rafferty laughed about his parody of a dominant Bob Dylan all the way to the bank. Deleted by the hackers, crooks and robbers, trying to steal time, as well of the joys and pleasures of a saint. Lost in a den of snakes, left for dead, shark flipped and eaten alive, did not know what had happen, lots of 5150 calls, wanted to take the cash and buried the girlfriend that was staving to death. Almost dead at 105 pounds, habit of pigs and hogs, hard to beat. Back in time, 2013, notes of a sinner, notes of aunt, notes of a mother, notes of a black bitch, the boss on board, the bitch on board. Bitches to butches, dykes with dicks, Uritza Smith, Rach Jay, Rachel and Sima Jarrot, mothers and fag hags, Sheri and Steven Jarrot, tales of donkeys at the birthday party, of the days in darkness. It is still a matter of class, and the classes were able to come together for a period, and change was needed to do the long run. The choices have been made, and the story is a do over again, and that is all. The first two times around were done for the wrong reasons, and the charm was good enough for those two. Not me, not the bump on the log, not the fence posts: the differences have not been noted, and the threats keeping coming in. Why? That was the lesson taught by the father, and the past is due for another cycle. So the period of darkness will go on. Now there is a need to leave on the next train out. My plans have worked, and the season will end this year, and the next people or group will show up for the next part of the journey to the land of milk and honey. The promise land is still off in the distance, but there is still tomorrow, and the best is yet to come. Just need to make a new plan, and get on out of dodge. No trips to fake land across the border for the lack of hair issue.  Blue Oceans, Blue Birds And Bees, New Lives Starts, Pages Turned.

Lots of love, lots of luck, angels in the air, windows and doors open, birds in the air, messages to receive. Angels out, goodness and mercy, saints and sinners, acts to help, acts to guide, acts to help turn the pages. Rites of lights, rites of earth angels gone away, lights to shine, in other ways. Thanks so much, for the songs left behind, the hidden messages for now. Dances forever, good times, songs to play on the radio. JIMI HENDRIX — Message from Nine to the Universe....

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