Thursday, March 24, 2016

Names, Role Model, Good And Evil, Snake And Worms, Wasps Not Honey Bees....

Good and bad, role models, how to sing a song, how to dance to music, some of the lessons learned. Tina Turner, back in time, trapped in hell, lovers and haters, tales online, history in the making, movies to see, hats and horns, dances in shame, love and luck, songs to sing, birds and bees, winds on wings. Tips of tales, tips of pigs, classes of hogs, classes of pigs, pages to turn, books to write, notes to tales. Movie Hits, Cowboy Riders, Crooks And Liars.....Singing Songs, Joys And Pains, Bumps In Roads, Dancing Dazes - 5 Stars, Bitches, and Babes, Glory Dazes Done.....Singing Songs, Joys And Pains, Bumps In Roads, Dancing Dazes -

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Lots of love, lots of luck, angels in the air, windows and doors open, birds in the air, messages to receive. Angels out, goodness and mercy, saints and sinners, acts to help, acts to guide, acts to help turn the pages. Rites of lights, rites of earth angels gone away, lights to shine, in other ways. Thanks so much, for the songs left behind, the hidden messages for now. Dances forever, good times, songs to play on the radio. JIMI HENDRIX — Message from Nine to the Universe....

Fucked For Life, Day Joys, Nuts And Freaks, Dates...Mountain Tops: Once long ago, fail to learn, fairy tales, hidden messages to find. True blue in trying, sunny shine instead of rain, love and devotion believer. Luck of the Irish, hard work to practice to win, time and time again, life lessons. Notes on dreams after the climb, with the pits of snakes, pits in bowl of cherries. Thanks and praises, goodness and mercy, angels back to back, birds and bees. Good times, time castled in stone, classes on the beach, hate and love. Gifts to share, historical facts, time to laugh, tricked to death. 

Trips to hell all done, out of free rides, have cash can pay for better trips, without hell hounds. Freaks out at night, veterans to prey, crooks and robbers. Lover and hates, cats and rats, cartoon hits, Micky Mouse, tales to share, hats to wear. Good times,songs to play, dances on the sands of time. Happyand delighted, tales of rats, tales of horse and pony shows, dances of love and hate. Hats to wear, goats and sheep, food to eat, another day. Happy New Year!#YearoftheMonkey #新年快乐 New Year Parade 2015 in New York Chinatown....

Kids to do the rules, golden rules, sometimes you win, sometimes you loss, coins to toss in the end, lessons on being a good sport person. Babes on beaches, Calfornia Girls. Songs and about the beachs ad the good bodies to watch. Palm Springs, in the sands or on the mountain top. Love the life style of money, and class. Back in time views that changes, ages of queens, ages of kings, frogs and fish, lessons in the works. History, his story for the others, stories of the time that has passed.

Worlds of blackness, Divas blue, happy notes not in the sun. Lovers and haters, red doors no windows in the room, life without sun. Stuck in a tin can, RV camper for years. Went out of mind, more than once, PTSD veteran, Marine once. Still. 

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