Thursday, March 24, 2016

Blue Dreams, Blue Skies, Blue Oceans, Shawn Waters, Mircle Maker, Water Loads.

Dream lover, dream lives, pages and charters, pages of tales to spin, over time and space. Under the paint, houses with red, blue and tears, valleys and potholes, red blood under the skin colors. Rites, Written history, pages of book. In the works. Houses in color, jobs to do, to teach or to study, dogs and new tricks. Who let the dogs out, songs to play, songs to dance the knights to quest, giants on land, giants in real life. 

Jimi Hendrix - Somewhere (Audio)Lost, over the rainbow, cash and notes, tips and tales of blue oceans, blue water, blue dreams in the winds. Pot and smokes, vapors pipe, ways to leave, ways to fly, dreams in actions, songs of Jimi Hendrix, out of the winds, angels in host, notes to float on air. 

Dreams in motion.  Ways to grow, ways to expand, ways to get to land of green, Seattle or not. Oz land, good and evil, black and white, green and blue eyes. sheep and goats, third eyes open. Bright Stars Out. Greats. Life of dreams, reading rainbow, chasing the stars, the blue oceans of dreams. 

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