Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lovers And Haters, Wars 2 Battles, Danceing Lites

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 Gifts to share, historical facts, time to laugh, tricked to death. Trips to hell all done, out of free rides, have cash can pay for better trips, without hell hounds. Freaks out at night, veterans to prey, crooks and robbers. Lover and hates, cats and rats, cartoon hits, Micky Mouse, tales to share, hats to wear. Good times,songs to play, dances on the sands of time. Happyand delighted, tales of rats, tales of horse and pony shows, dances of love and hate. Hats to wear, goats and sheep, food to eat, another day. Happy New Year!#YearoftheMonkey #新年快乐 https://goo.gl/TRqLTZ....Chinese New Year Parade 2015 in New York Chinatown.

High roads taken, high standards to guide, gifts of the joys and jumps done for the good, bad and ugly deeds done for the love of a woman, love and hate the horns of a goat, gifts to share with the wolves, gifts to share with the land whales, Sheri Jarrot, blonde bottle whale on land, hairless Rachel Jarrot, the bald turkey to shine. Mothers and lovers, part of Jewish  tribe, cum suckers, snakes in house, pack of wolves to date.

Tales of men, homeless and prey, on the roads, at the rest stops, straight, not gay men, the happy men. Pictures of love and hate, jokes and laughs, products to sell, hands out to help. Hands out to harm, hands out to share the cares, the charms, the dicks down low. Tip of tales, tips of dicks, tips of love and hate, goats and sheep, kids to play, horns to sound. Time to stop, to to check the clocks, time still a tale or two. Teeth in heads, jokes to laugh, kids of the young at heart, jumps for joy, songs to sing, glory days again, dances in the dark.

Oceans of love, oceans of hate, sales on dung, frogs to heat, hearts to turn, coins to flip, cards on the table. Clowns to the left, poker players with the snakes and frogs, on the right sides. Parties to dates, stories of frogs, snakes in the water, words of history, created to remember, the bumps in the road. The paths taken, the lessons learned, the pages to turn, the books to close. 

Fucked For Life, Day Joys, Nuts And Freaks, Dates....Mountain Tops: Once long ago, fail to learn, fairy tales, hidden messages to find. True blue in trying, sunny shine instead of rain, love and devotion believer. Luck of the Irish, hard work to practice to win, time and time again, life lessons. Notes on dreams after the climb, with the pits of snakes, pits in bowl of cherries. Thanks and praises, goodness and mercy, angels back to back, birds and bees. Good times, time castled in stone, classes on the beach, hate and love.

Games of fun and games, games of luck, poker games, frogs and snakes, balls in the air. Games of sports, games of love, balls in the air, on the ground, in the air, balls over the walls.  Tips and stories, of the best, one day to note, take your picks, bets on the tables. Bets of looks, bets for paternal rights, babies and bats, babies and dicks, blow jobs and nuts to go. Dicks and trades, dicks in line, pitchers to catheters, tips to date. Balls in the Air, Games Played, Bulls And Balls.

Review: Charles R Jarrot Inc - Discussion on Topix.....Fairy Tales:Snakes and Vipers, Prince Frogs Tips....Dates: Cuban Transplants: Paul and Sima Jarrot ...Bones In A Box, Not This One, Jokes and laughs, dead man bones, sitting down, out of life, out of luck. Joys and pains, done and over, bones without skin, jokes and laughs to share. Trips to hell and back, ghost and spooks, bones out of the box. Green Branches, Pieces of a tree, Phyllis, green branch, peace from a tree, dogwood trees, the hanging trees, snakes and frogs, snakes in trees, green and yellow snakes. Picture of love and hate, shake the tree, snakes in two colors, lover or haters, love and hate, snakes in a tree. Tips and tales, snakes with different colors, life of love, to share for the snakes in the grass, in this case: snakes in a tree.

Glass Houses....princefrogguplandtips.blogspot.com...Hairdresser and bad hair dazes, better than dazes without hair, like Rachel Jarrot? Sheri Jarrot, Queen of Whales, butch, and bitch with big mouth, stuff best with dicks ...7603601613- pussy licker, Rachel Jarrot, best pussy yet to lick, games on since birth- April 16, 1995. Best sapsuckers, for cash or credit, robbers and crooks. Charles R. Jarrot, 7607778998- to date on the beaches in Ventura, Oxnard, Santa Monica and Venice, RV camper Steven and Sheri Jarrot, 7608512267. Reigns of frogs, Prince and Princess Rachel Jarrot, butch, butch, whales on land to date. Good times on the dark sides of the moon. Hell hounds, gifts and talents to share, oral experts of craigslists...lost veterans in search of peace of mind: views to share about the lights on again...Steven Jarrot,7608512267 now. freak, frog, sucker, loves to have sex organs male first...Princess Frog Nice to be here, nice to think about the growth and changes in place for the new dawns on dreams of greatness. Gifts to share, joy and pains of the bumps in


  1. Just to let you know, lots more to come, claps and cheers, from Cali. Mothers and sons, dances in the sun, good time, fun and games online. Tales for you. Notes of birthdays and rebirths, 36 years old today. John Talyor, Birthday Greetings. Birthday Views, White Dazes In Grass, Good Times, happy days again. Notes, tips, and takes bare, in ball parks. New views without layers on top, free soul on grass in park. Joys and pleasures in simple life, dreams of the young at heart, plans to make. Bats...Kids And Goats, Horns To Sound, Hats And Flags, American Birds, Sit And Spin.

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