Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Funny Faces, Clowns And Jackasses, Mud Mirrors

Out of time, out of jokes, history to review, Jewish Hits. Clowns to the left, clowns out of their minds, clowns to help with the moves, shadows in darkness. Goodness and mercy, angels to host, angels in the air, times to stand. Time to turn the pages, tunes to play, songs to sing, beaches of dreams, dances on the sands of time. Faces in the mirror, clowns and frogs, snakes in the water, snakes in the wood. Gifts of girls in red hoods, fairy tales, daily living, blues and greens. Lucky stars, blue stars, wishes and dreams in the air, angles of angels in host, to protect, to guide.

Views and noses, hairs to colors, clowns to the left, chicks to date, freaks to movies, games to cum. Suckers for free passes, tricks and trades, monkey swingers, hand to mouth, dogwood trees. Trips to hell and back, trips with drug dealers, lost in the smoke. Trips with retards, trips with clowns, trips with hell hounds, back in the day. Stoned and baked, dazes and lost, homeless tales, of the black chicks from the military, veterans now. Tales with the wolves, tales with the snakes, tales with the frogs kissed, good tips and tales to share.

Image result for clowns from outer space

Great day on the right side of grave, Happy Veterans Day 2014: thanks for new ice cream for military past and present. Donkeys in the hills of Riverside, desert, monkeys to see, monkeys to say, monkeys on the backs of the asses in question, true colors lies to share, distance with pictures harder, disable boyfriends that were veterans, have views to share about Steven and the tricks and trades in the RV. Not just one black, female veteran with stories, male veterans have more stories of the dick sucker: Steven Jarrot, 7605643510: to change the numbers 7608512267, stevenjarrot@yahoo.com, or sjarrot@comcast.com...Family fucks together, family fuck fest, family, friends, and foes, dicks first, chicks?Secerts?

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