Monday, June 15, 2015

Nuts to Go

Dogwood  Nuts
Wonderful. Dazes on the right side of the grave. Tricks on the monkeys, jokes on the clowns, fish and frogs in the seas. Gifts of stories gifts of joys and pleasures on the seven seas, happy and delighted to share. Goodness and mercy out for the wishes, the hopes and desires to grant, windows open to delight.

Sailors on the seas, Captains Peter, Otis, Sam, John, and Jim, man the ships steady hold, into the west. Go to explore, go for rides to rock the boats. Sail on the seven seas across the world. Dreams of a ship on the ocean, with the cast and crews on top side for the sunset, all the colors of the sky over the ocean, a wonderful picture create. Pictures will share the site, and stories will make the views on ship last a lifetime.

Music to dance to, music to tell pieces of the stories, fairy tales of life to create, Moses and Jesus, men on the same time, white for the masses around the world, another fairy tale to control the sheep. Fairy tales in the bible, happy life after you expire if you follow the rules, or burn in hell, love and devotion with a twist, acceptable to frogs around the globe. 

Jokers to the right and clowns to the left, stuck in the middle with better stories to get older and wiser as a giant. Gifts to share, the joys and pains in learning the first time, English is fine for me. Jokes on the dense, laughter for  the frogs, snakes and land whale, stars that I  created with  the pictures, with the names and locations of the cattle on the open ranges. 

Good times with the pieces of a dream life. Jokes about being stupid, born the day when fresh stupid was out, had to use day old stupid instead, those people lose  ground daily. Stupid can not be fixed, stupid have hard times with formal English, not able to understand to fail, is to learn, first attempts in learning, only the Dence and dumb would ask for  English  instead. Okay to you? Clear as mud for me, the level of hard knocks was unknown for frog.

The rewards of Jesus Christ and his cousin Moses, hanging on the dogwood tree, for the pictures of prefection, the dead dog. Fairy tales for the oceans of frogs and fish. Control in church with the horse and pony shows there.

One nut started a tree, more nuts together started the woods, so many nuts planted, time for the food and more nuts to fall. Circles of life, from the beginning when the nut fell into the ground, the roots of the nut started to grow.

To hang until death, on a dogwood tree, sport show for sinners and saints. Hang him high, make it a slow death on a dogwood tree, made into a cross, three today. Fairy tales in the bible, stories for the groups of frogs, the Army. Gifts of tales on how high to fly, rules to get good life after you die, rules to get there.
Follow the rules or burn in hell, death on cross for best results for long life, when you die. Good job, worked 8 times right?
Horse and pony shows, monkey to teach, frogs and fools, in the powers of the colors, powers of the numbers, in the wishes, in the dreams and desires, gifts to share in the lights of the moon.

Dates to set to sail away, dream to dance on the boats. On the ships of dreams, to flaot, to sail to the worlds of changes. Captions and crews, with the sunny and bright fish on the boats. Fish and frogs, in the power positions, leaders of the band. Song and dances with the horse and pony shows. Good times on the boat, rocking and rolling to the rainbows.

Boys born are John Taylor, another crook with a fat woman and another bitch on board, joy and laughter to share with the secrets of the family friends and freaks out at night, not just the white of the matter to consider. Then their is Michael Jason Bailey, the quiet giant, to young to leave still, gifts to hold onto, hurry for the lions running races to save the day.  Black Americans, with more stories to share at a later day. Peace and love by the seas.
Raçhel Wigsout, Rachel Jarrot, not Rachel Walker :Tips from birds and bees, third party views, Steven Jarrot online, Facebook idiots, cum suckers, bitch in heat, Maya Jarrot. Little little bird told me, that the life of the fairy and the frog-Lissa Desilva- fairy, Steven Jay Jarrot, 7608512267, the frog, and the fun and games 

 Fruits, nuts and frogs, at the dawn of the cycle of the fours and the fives, the powers of the numbers the power of the colors defined as the life of the world, then the animals. 12 ways, 12 animals, 12 hours on the clocks, and how  much stronger  more ground is covered in games played with 12 monkeys on a team.

The secrets of the fairy tales, the hidden messages out for the men at play, for the life of love and the display of the lies told in your face. The horse and pony shows for control of the minds of sleepin dogs. Men in the skins of 12 animals, the faces that we flip from time to time. In the shadows in the darkness, alone in the night. On the other hand are the fairies, the pixies, and the earth angels, flying high and granting wishes, hopes, prayers of the dogwood butterflies.

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  1. Happy for a different story, not my story, another time in space: nice lessons learned, the best times yet to come. Wishes, dreams, prayers, desires in motion for the saints and sinners. Gifts to share sailing the seven seas, dances to songs on the shores. Good times for the fish, frogs and snakes, that sing songs, of the fish that got away.