Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dragons Reigns

Dragon Warriors.
Tales  of  fights to the rites to mate, the giants, the nights to chase the ugliest freaks, snakes and dragons, out of the seven seas. Trips on the seven seas, for the riches, for the bitches, for the Babes to save the lands. Gifts from the kings, to give their girls, to the snakes, dragons, and sons of kings for the best life of lies to live, another day under the sun.

The horse and pony shows, the horses and the rats racing for the best times of life to come. Dancing in the wind, songs to sign, to dances the nights away under the yellow moons, on the dark sides. Love life in the lights in the sunlight with the birds and bees. White knights to fight for the love of the ladies in waiting, for the hands out to pull back, from the snakes and Dragons.

Happy dazes again on the light side of the woods. Dogwood butterflies, dragonflies, birds and bees, with the wings to fly to a better days. Away from the frogs and fish, racing across the seven seas, for a ship, for the riches, and the rules of the day, a great fight today, and a better song and dances tomorrow. Good times on the right side of the grave.

Man seen as a tree, woman a branch on tree. Greek story of love from a man for a woman. Love life in second  form, to last forever. Older, wiser, tall, witty and retired was the request. All five was the prize on the table. Happy dazes to sing. Happy and delighted for the gifts to exchange for rites of passage, over time and space. Life to love, life on the mountains tops, with the birds, and dogwood butterflies, and the dragonflies.

Another angel, goodness and mercy with hosts of other angels, to correct, to grant the dreams of the sinners and saints. The young at heart, in touch with the child with in, love the stories. Dances for fun and good times on the sands of time. Flipping cards, flipping  coins, for a great runs from the snakes and the dragons.

Games to play, to fail in first attempts in learning, to practice until prefection around the tree of life. Fairy tales and dogwood trees, to hang the jokers high, Jesus Christ fairy tales to share, best life when you die. Follow the 12 rules, the 7 days with sins to dodge for life in heaven. Rules to follow or go to hell, songs to sing daily.

 Good times to share, kings also. Trips to renaissance fairs, to see lords and ladies. Castle to see next, cars or coaches, tall knights. Helping hand out, help hand up, climbing to the lights. Love lights, tall trees blowing in the wind. What a great day for living like a king, dances in wind, ships to sail to better dazes in the sun.

Goodness and mercy angels out and about. Angels fly. Honor the angels, sex to skin attacks moot: dawns days. Dawn starts new adventures, dream mate, knight. Wars against world's pits and bumps. Warrior for families, fighter  for quests in action. Trees stable, tall, mature  giant, requested. Searchs for last man standing, alone hurt.

Happy again,  friends first, to  bloom. Heart heals hurts, love choose for journey, man in white hat, not sure. Dogwood trees, 420 trees, timber for the fires: Dogwood trees, dogwood  butterflies, hanging on. Jesus Christ, hung on dogwood tree, good fairy tale. Rules needed to control  masses, works every  time. Better story of Jacks the giants in the clouds.

Vikings Quest, a movie also, 9th century lord and ladies tales to share. Horses racing in the valleys over the hills for a season. White and brown horses, for the lords and ladies dancing in that time, dodge the wizards and dragons to fight the evil people in the land. Snakes out of water to eat the princesses for life for the rest of the kingdom.  Great life to run from dragon, snakes out of water to eat princesses for the good times, with less fear.

Happy for a different story, not my story, another time in space:  nice lessons learned, the best times yet to come. Wishes, dreams, prayers, desires in motion for the saints and sinners. Gifts to share sailing the seven seas, dances to songs on the shores. Good times for the fish, frogs and snakes, that sing songs, of the fish that got away.


  1. Gales of tales, doctors with faces, words to say, books have been written, sugar and shit, lots to say, lots of tips, ready to ride, the sugar tales. History of sugar, how much we love it, tales to share, our powers to make it all better. Just a little sugar, to make it better, parts of life.

    Fish And Frogs, Dances On Waters, Snakes And Worms, Clocks To Turn, Waves To Make, Boats To Float: Dreams. Prince Pop Life (Audio) 1985..Love and lights, dances for the good times, dances for the rain to come, dances for the joys and pains, dances on the waters. Hopes and wishes, joys and pains, jumps for joy, songs to sing, ships to sail. Good times, joys and pains, angels in the air, angels all around us, daily events, living in the blue.

    Lights and love, happy and sad, dances on the faces, fish and frogs, games in the seven seas, lovers and haters, fish and freaks,thanks, knew that family, had to cut them off, so many lies in your face, dicks, and dawgs, people without class, donkeys in the herds of cattle to call, frogs, snakes, and freaks out to tell their wales to. Dances with wolves, dances with frogs, dances for love and luck, coins to flip, games on land, whales to call, hippos to recap, dates...Tales online, history to share, tips also.

  2. Kristen Giardiello: Sometimes..Fat, Wide, Cows To Date, Monkeys Packs, Goats Horns, Love, Hate, Luck, Lights, Coins To Flip.Rednecks And Birds. Snakes in the grass, dicks out of the box, suckers to fuck, suckers to prey on veterans, third party views, back in the dazes in hell. Cycles, Circles, Seasons Of Joys: 20/20 Dreams 2 C...Beneath The Story: Lovers and hater, bats out of hell, hell hounds on earth, devils in glasses, clear as mud views to share, lots of love, lots of luck, lots of hard knocks, lessons learned, back in the day, third party views, mine and others, veterans lost and alone, hurt and broken, trips to hell and back, friends for a moment or two.