Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dances In The Dark, Spiders And Snakes, Tips And Tales: History Noted.

Chicks, babes, dames, names and labels, hats to wear, nudes on the beaches, colored black. Dame, to dance the nights away, ship of dreams to sail, love, luck, lights, lessons, tests over time. Searching for better friends. Have to start at the bottom, pages to books, birds and bees, singing songs, glory dazes to come.Houses, Homes, Helpers, Wishes On Dreams, Blue Lights On, Coins To Flip. Rainbow Racers, Hairs And Hate, Horns Of Love, Songs For Sisters Of Colors: Treats.Brandy - Almost Doesn't Count. Dances In The Dark, Spiders And Snakes, Tips And Tales: History Noted.
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Candy Hearts, Flowers Knights, Prince Charming, Dreams Lives. Boats, Ships, Malts of Dreams On Water...The guy with the hair, long and dark, blowing in the wind, on his face, the first one was the best, the others were nice, were you there? Peter Pan, Peter Love, Peter for tales..Stay away from Hillside Motors. Just saying.....I heard horrible things about them and people they have scammed, but wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. They proved that the new owner is the same piece of crap scum as the old. Buyer beware.
Our Golden Age of Pirates

Confidentiality is a virtue of the loyal as loyalty is the virtue of faithfulness. not everyone is loyal I even know people what will make out there loyal to get on in life those are very sneaky people. they would not know what loyalty was if it hit them in the face. when you find that one person with who is faithfulness cause you will know don't let them go there so rare indeed a person who as loyalty running through there blood will make sure you conquer the world together.

Good times, love, luck, lessons, birthdays daily, holidays joys, bumps inthe road. Recap the family events, thanks so much. Cheers, chaps, love, luck, lessons, birthday wishes, to live and learn, live and grow and expand.
You can't sit with us πŸ˜Ž. Dicks, dawgs, dates, cows to call, whales on land. Aurora Agresti, Jose A Santiago, Juliana Santiago, Adriana Agresti,Voices Of Angels To Call: me, myself, and the noise inside of my head. Nuts on the run, retards on donkeys. Frank Agresti, Frank Alex Agresti, Mike Leeand Aurora Agresti.Frank Agresti Elaine Schiavone.

Kristen Giardiello Love this pic! Indi Diaz Indi Diaz Beautiful pictures of Family cows in training, dicks, dawgs, dates, cows for the land of shit, dung, and fecal matters. Dicks, dawgs, and dates, bitches in heat, songs to sing, how great dicks are to rob, veterans at the top.

Veterans Taken. SEEKING FRIEND, COMPANION: Frogs To Date. Juliana Santiago, Dicks, dawgs, stole and trash the personal property of a disable, black veterans, for fun and games, back in the day, before, Adriana Agresti, Frank Agresti,Juliana Santiago. I need to invest in some more friends...that was a fun joke while it lasted πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜΄

Dicks, Dawgs, Husky Owls, Cocks, Men: Balls Online.Pros.Sleeping with the Devil: Dicks, Dawgs, Husky Owls, Cocks, Men: Balls Online.ProsDances In The Dark, Spiders And Snakes, Tips And Tales: History Noted.
Lots Of Love. Locks of hares, girls and veterans in red caps, read hoods, wits and charms, transferable skills. Stories of veterans on the streets, tricks and trades for a place to sleep. Back in time, sisters of color, Starr Bright Tonight. Wishes on Starr. Dreams of veterans on the streets, homeless blues back in 2015. Apartment rats, apartment frogs, apartments with dogs, dicks, and frogs.Dances In The Dark, Spiders And Snakes, Tips And Tales: History Noted.

.crazyandweirdsadstoriesofmilitaryjoes.blogsSleeping with the Devil: Dicks, . Frank Agresti for a free ride, veterans to prey, back in time, birthday present, to kick the dog, free rides to the trash in the apartment roaches in the cracks.Charm Enough: Snakes in Grass: Fairy Tales, The Fairy and the American Toads.Dances In The Dark, Spiders And Snakes, Tips And Tales: History Noted.

Recurring Dreams. Many people experience the sensation known as deja vu. Trips to hell and back with the RV camping with last husband. Fun And Games, Party And Play: Daily Events. Dances In The Dark, Spiders And Snakes, Tips And Tales: History Noted.

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