Thursday, December 29, 2016

Lovers, Haters, Frank Views, Devotion of Cows. Snakes With Charms. Funny Faces. Glory Dazes.

Apples to the basket cases, retards also.Abby Collins-Rachel Jay, or Rachel Jarrot: youre the fartface. Ready for the Manners Series: Manners For Millions- Kissed a frog🙏🏾💯Lovers, Haters, Frank Views, Devotion of Cows. Snakes With Charms. Funny Faces. Glory Dazes.💯💔💙Mules to ride. Faces in the mirror, terms of endearment, with friends or foes, family of snakes, crooks and frogs, plenty to dodge. Classes Of Whales, Land Whales: Steven and Sheri Jarrot: Rach Jay, Faces To Wigs. ... Moot notes, best sun in the sky, mothers in the house, stories to tell. Blue dreams, smoke in the air, more tips on tribe members, snakes in the house, movie stars, porn that is, history online, created to catch a snake or two. Good times, party and play..... True blue: Steven Jay Jarrot:7608512267: Love and devotion bent and twisted with 8 letter words like faithful and bullshit, and the world of shame in their games, fingers out and pointed to blames faces in the mirrow, for once, turning the pages, frogs kissed for a season of disgraces, gang bangs, cum suckers, snakes in the house.
Fairy Tales, Rats To Races, Daily Events. Wow"♕ AFRODESIAC ETHNIC WOMEN OF CULTURE WORLDWIDE ♕Treats for drugs, sucker for pussy to be eaten, butch to date, pole dancer, lots of luck. Lots of lies, faces of frogs, plenty of fish in the seas. Butch, dyke, bitch in heat, dicks, dawgs, dates,faces of frogs. Reese 333 Smith, Lovers and haters.
 Santigo Uritas 333 Smith, Uritza Reese, names to toss in the air, bitches with dicks, games to play, roles in movies, sluts and pussy lickers, shit on the table, shit to trade, tasteful pleasures. Donkeys, sluts, slugs, monkeys on back, tricks to trade, drugs for sex, games to play,kids to sell. Names to change, faces on frogs to give birth, Alan the baby's daddy. In North Carolina, not in Long Beach, CA. Where she lives,cellphones to sell,cheap tricks for shit to go,dung and fecal matter. Tricks to treats, party time chick on the beach, lots of lovers to cum,fun and games, balls in the air. 
 Shit for brains, sitting on brains day in and day out, balls in the air, toss salads on the road. Good times, party and play, dykes to dance for drugs, private pole dances for tricks. Fun and games, money on the table, laps for dances, tricks to trade, drugs to sex, balls online, dicks and bitches in heat. Common, plain, and normal, dreams in lovers to cum,puppy dogs to go. 
RV campers. Tricks on the corner, pimps to date. 54: Steven Jarrot,7608512267 excuses, fingers pointed at others, blame game experts. Distance and lies, faces to say, not me, another snakes in the grass, just like me, not me for sure, whales will tall.

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