Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Posse Clowns To The Left, Jokes And Laugh, Mirror Faces

Insane for a fee, crazy for free, check in the bank. Clowns to the left, insane for free, crazy for free, mental attack, veterans not in that boat. Boats, ships, dreams on the water, tricks and trades, frogs and snakes in the water, oceans of blue, oceans of tears, oceans of clowns for free. Guns and girls, jokes and laughs, wolves and snakes in the woods. Gifts to share, tales in the air, clowns to the left, poker players, snakes to play games.

Tales of men, homeless and prey, on the roads, at the rest stops, straight, not gay men, the happy men. Pictures of love and hate, jokes and laughs, products to sell, hands out to help. Hands out to harm, hands out to share the cares, the charms, the dicks down low. Tip of tales, tips of dicks, tips of love and hate, goats and sheep, kids to play, horns to sound. Time to stop, to to check the clocks, time still a tale or two. Teeth in heads, jokes to laugh, kids of the young at heart, jumps for joy, songs to sing, glory days again, dances in the dark.

Out of time, out of jokes, history to review, Jewish Hits. Clowns to the left, clowns out of their minds, clowns to help with the moves, shadows in darkness. Goodness and mercy, angels to host, angels in the air, times to stand. Time to turn the pages, tunes to play, songs to sing, beaches of dreams, dances on the sands of time. Faces in the mirror, clowns and frogs, snakes in the water, snakes in the wood. Gifts of girls in red hoods, fairy tales, daily living, blues and greens. Lucky stars, blue stars, wishes and dreams in the air, angles of angels in host, to protect, to guide.

Good and bad, role models, how to sing a song, how to dance to music, some of the lessons learned. Tina Turner, back in time, trapped in hell, lovers and haters, tales online, history in the making, movies to see, hats and horns, dances in shame, love and luck, songs to sing, birds and bees, winds on wings. Tips of tales, tips of pigs, classes of hogs, classes of pigs, pages to turn, books to write, notes to tales. Movie Hits, Cowboy Riders, Crooks And Liars.....Singing Songs, Joys And Pains, Bumps In Roads, Dancing Dazes - 5 Stars, Bitches, and Babes, Glory Dazes Done.....Singing Songs, Joys And Pains, Bumps In Roads, Dancing Dazes -

Wits and charms, words of the wise, tales and tips, lovers and haters, lessons learned over time, lots of hard knocks, ways to go. Classes on love and luck, classes of chicks on the beaches, veterans are some of the best, standards to stand tall. Pages of luck, pages of love, pages of dates, pages of books to turn, dances and horses to runs. Dreams on beaches, dreams in motions, dreams in drama, dances on the sands of time. 

Tips with history created, cartoon characters, monkeys and snakes in dogwood trees. Save the world, with a pimp and his whore, stars at night to shine the way. Birth of a bastard, birth of a king, Jesus Christ, super star, common story, told eight ways. Fairy tales, Bible stories, crooks and robbers hanging from dogwood trees. Bald Birds, American Signs, Sit And Spin Times, Lovers Of Drama, Charms For Snakes In Grass.....familyfuckfestthursdaysindec2014.blogspot.com

Time alone, views and noses, birds and bees, babes on the beach, dazes and stone, lovers gone, dates with horses to run. Rats to races, dances for dollars, horse and pony shows, love and luck, cards to flip, good times. Beaches for fun, games on the sands, balls in the air, glory dazes done, monkeys and frogs to dodge. Dates with butches, dates with cheap tricks.

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Views and noses, hairs to colors, clowns to the left, chicks to date, freaks to movies, games to cum. Suckers for free passes, tricks and trades, monkey swingers, hand to mouth, dogwood trees. Trips to hell and back, trips with drug dealers, lost in the smoke. Trips with retards, trips with clowns, trips with hell hounds, back in the day. Stoned and baked, dazes and lost, homeless tales, of the black chicks from the military, veterans now. Tales with the wolves, tales with the snakes, tales with the frogs kissed, good tips and tales to share.

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