Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Girls Guns

Guns Rites
Love and hate, cowboys and girls, pictures to leave in your head. Dreams and dances, snakes and frogs, into the woods, into the night. Snakes and monkeys under the skin, second trip in life, first time hell hounds. Jokes and history online, more than one, broken and hurt, female veterans. Maya DSilva, Maya Moore, Daisy Dogs and dicks, jokes with snakes in grass. Bailey battles to win. Freaks and snakes out to harm, angels on earth, stars to fall.

Toys for boys, baseball games, catchers and pitchers, gang bangs. Jokers and poker players, Facebook alerts. Freaks and snakes in the night, messages as a bitch alright, Steven Jarrot, within Maya Dsilva account, jokes and protections. Truths twisted with lies, on family with bald heads, Rachel and Sima Jarrot. Leader of a band of crooks and liars, porn movie stars. Cash or credit, Facebook tales, crooks to steal from babies. Veterans, females and blacks, prey to target to rob and deface. Kiss My grits, cum suckers back to cum for tasteful pleasures. Gang bangs, catchers delight, dicks to suck, nuts and all, cum to leave on his face.

Trips to hell, birds in rebirth stage, out of the fires, into the lights, dreams and wishes tonight. Batteries included with dolls dancing in the nights, seas of frogs and snakes, dancing in the dark. Classes on the beach, herds of whales, dens of snakes, dances on thr beach. Green cash, green luck, green backs, rewards and bonus on acts and wishes, dreams in motion. Monkeys swing from dogwood trees, biblical tales to spin, American Birds on hands, stars and wishes.  Dances in the rain, dances in the dark, to dream to dance, life is a beach.

Every day about survival, my rivals, my gods, man to man, sex up in airs. Moot to date, moot to changes, moot to mountian to climb. To cum and to go, dreams on sands of time, life is a gift. Time to praises pretty productive people, maps to sunshine. Trips to the moon, seven seas, seven seasons, seven snakes, in the light, blinded.Colors at the end of the rainbows, birds and bees, dogwood butterflies dancing in the trees.

Godfather Smokes: Hairs to you, drop a dime, birds to fires, birds and bees, to write, to sing songs. Movies great, movies wonderful, hidden messages to share. Views and noses, bend and twisted truths, lies instead, history notes. Joys and pains, catchers to mound, gang bangs to catch in the ass. Dreams of Steven Jarrot, party and play, couples of dicks, pitchers to mound, fists in backside. Pictures to leave in your head.

Butch Transplants: Hairs to the butch, here to the bitches, Sheri and Rachellyn1010, Rachel Gay Lynn Jarrot, land whales. Jewish Bald Turkeys Jarrot 2015, snakes in dens, pack of monkeys, crooks and liars. Jokes on accounts, snake within, Steven Jay  Jarrot, 7608512267, once again.

Eyes right, eyes blue to the left, blown out of her head, teacher white, that went to the moon. Jokes back in the day, godfather movie of all time, fingers to you Steven Jarrot, American birds to you, time to sit and spin. Monkey see, monkey do, cum sucker to ho, cum cock sucker, mouth open wide. Catcher to mound, gang bangs, pitchers in line. Kiss My grits, cum suckers, American birds flying high, party and play, turns to sit and spin. Jokes online, Jewish White Cum suckers, who gives a fuck, jokers with monkeys online. History created, not news today, blue dreams in the air, into the woods, into the green dogwood trees.

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