Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hidden Nights

End: Effects Never Dies
Never be a beast of burden, for the riches, for the joys and pleasures, you  just want to find, the good times, the loves of life across the world. There is so much more. Songs to sing, tough enough, rich enough, has to be tall enough the rolling stones for good times, classic hits to share.Rolling Stones songs are some of classic tunes to dance the nights away with, good times.  Lies told to stay, but the controversies are not clear, upside down views to flip, just to understand the clues. When the horses and the rats go out for dollars to work or to play.

Men or horses to come and go, love would be easy with the horse  in site, watching the races, games being played. In the shadows and in the darkness. You are in charge owners of the broken hearts. No more changes to see evil in disguise, check yourself, good times and sad times. Faces of the people tat you meet, paths alone the way, alone and or with company for awhile. Magic in the dazes as they unfold and come to life, paths and forks in the roads, owners of the lonely hearts.

To try are you strong enough to go on without your muse. The reason for living to give away dreams. Can't have the horse back in stables, dreams of that day, over with the daily races to get ahead, gifts of stories to tell, races won. Joys and pleasures on the dances on the beach, blue dreams smoking at the end of a long hard day. Gifts to the shining days on the seas, in the woods in the shadows in the shade on the dark sides of the moon.

Teacher now of the numbers, cum and sail away today. Pittbull in Florida, thanks for the questions on the land whales, Steven Jarrot, dead head, meth head, sad and blue, looking for a mule, or a hemal, to be the beast of hardships , freak with head in ass, so far.

Gits to share of the lessons learned. Sailor-Sally Anne D'Silva, last ghost for the huntington beach location. Back to square one, the direstions, for travel, up down and accross, travel the numbers to greatness. Lucky dayzes for the good, bad and ugly. Periods of darkness needed for the stars to shine at night. Light your candles, lift up your lights, tell a tale, write a song, do a dance for the good times. Time of your life, Pitbull-great song, everyday is the best day so far, gifts of the cloud castle in the sky.

 Greeting from the queen of numbers, sea fairy, earth angel also. Pixie Dust in Newport Beach on the west coast. Just put the tin man on the plane to the 3s, and the 4s, undercover as a tree hugger, to go to Rome, Muscow, and places to party with the start of the race. Happy the sunny and bright dazes after te hazy, gray days are done. Delighted with life, the trips around the dogwood trees, lessons to learn.

Lessons in the numbers up to 12, bakers dozen best, out of the gate 15 ring, parents higher numbers to the end of time. Gifts to share daily. Tales of Tin:In the power of the numbers, counting the stars, counting the letters, rules of numbers always on top. Hill tops, tree tops, tops of the mountains climbed. Gifts to share from the heavens, gifts to share with the numbers, gifts to share for the super-stars.

Thanks to the little mothers, thanks to the earth angels, thanks to the whales and sharks, thanks for the lessons learned, in the power of the twos, in the power of a dozen, in the power of one. All in one, tin men swinging for the freaks out at night, the fools and the frogs, lost and traped in the fours and the fives.

Fairy tales, and the hidden messages, notes for the gods above, notes for the mules, and the frogs, goats and the horns noted: love and hate, flip the coin, count the numbers for the prices. I cum in peace, I cum in heat, I cum in the power of the 7s, to the end of time. What a wonderful  day, delighted  with the players in down time, time to pick up the paces, time to run. Jumps for joy, peace and love by the seas, with understanding hands out to pull on back in the boat, car or planes good times on the road again.

Never hide from yourself, keep your head up during the horse and pony shows, happy to sing and dance, delighted with the reasons. Reasons, seasons and causes in the signs to have something to dream and make wishes come true. For the times of your life, the best is yet to come, happy dazes again and forever.


  1. Frogs, Dicks, With Fags: Land Whales Flipped Sharks To Suck Dry: Steven and Charles R, Jarrot: 7605643510 Jewish Crooks.Life lessons not cheap, faces, mask and shades of truths are played out, as a way of life to live in a childlike state, or wolves in sheep's clothing, is another way to look at it. Our lives are spent as pieces of a dream, and the things we do are for a little miracle for you and for me, and the riches and the impressions last forever. Air heads:Tips from birds and bees, third party views, monkeys and snales, yellow snakes, fun and games.

    Steven Jarrot 562 200 9102 , online, Facebook idiots, cum suckers, bitch in heat, Maya Jarrot, Maya Dsilva, Rocky Jarrot, coin and cards, wits and charms in the air. Little little bird told me, that the life of the fairy and the frog-Lissa Desilva- fairy, Steven Jay Jarrot, 7608512267, the frog, and the fun and games around the fires in the hearts of this pair. Notes to share with the fake lovers, facts to share of the love and devotion, from a fairy or a frog, both is the right answer.

  2. There is no difference when you voice the threats of violent, because you cannot find the words to say what you mean? There are lessons that need to be learned before the best of the best can come to you, and breaking people and calling them names is not the way to get it. It has been a problem and will continue to be a problem because it has not been address. So the facts are in, and you are not here to be controlled by the people that you love, for their self-serving purposes.

    So I wish the hairdresser, and the offspring that was created with the Jester and the king of gray skies and hurting feelings, because the daughter has feet of clay, and it is a secret. Thank God, childhood has an end to it, and maybe the clock will start again, on the growth that is needed. It has to be done by the next person, and hopefully growth will be the order of the day.