Monday, April 14, 2014

Prince of Frog:Jewish Style

The Fairy and the Frog: 
Prince of Frog:Jewish Style: Cries in the Night The run in with the pass came as a slap in the face, $37,000 in a year was the grand total wasted with the association. Snake in the grass, fake friend, robs, cheats on Allstate...AAA thief (May 9, 2013-Palm Springs, CA), gift from center of the earth. ..cum sit and spin on face of Steve Thursdays this year. Family Fuck Fest...Meth Drug Dealer, pot dealer also, RV camper still?...Prince September 04, 1962 Steven Jay Jarrot : 83458 Tropical Whisper CT, Indio, CA. Owner/Consultant; and play, Thursdays for the rest of the year. Sex toys for sale, 2 fist contest up Steven's Ass, winners nightly. cum tasteful pleasures. Songs to play on the radio. Happy notes, under the moon light, to run again in the heavens. To hide for the love to last, happy notes for the songs to sing, later on.  Dazes of blues, blue birds under the moonlight, stars to shine in heavens, under the moon. 

    Charco Group Consultants: Charles R. Jarrot, A Professional Corporation 


So many ways to steal, from his mother, and the other family members, in the name of love. Love and hate, horns of a goat, horns to blow, for the rights and the seasons to share, lessons learned, bumps in the roads. Credit  Crook.......Happy birthdays 2015, fruits and nuts. RV camping lifestyle shared with Steven and Rachel Jarrot. 7608512267. Third place is last place, and no trophies for that placement, keep it for sucker to marry a freak like him. He likes to suck dicks, and it was great not to have to fuck a trick because he was gay, and the meth does that to him. Jokes on the fools and blogs about the snakes in the grass, lies told 

Time on the cross, time to face the lions, kings on a level or two, angels out to protect, earth angels, fairies and pixies. Tales to spin, cash on table, books to write, trips to hell, snakes and frogs. Sharks and whales, birds and bees, trips to hell, blame games to play. Tricked and pimped, eaten alive for a season or two. Crooks and robbers, snakes and monkeys, dances in the rain, dances in the woods. Reasons, seasons and causes, tales in your head, dreams dancing in my head. New plans, new dreams, new cattle and more sheep. Blue and green people, search is on, dates to set with mature, witty owls, kings on land, lions to locate. Knights to shine, kings on land, lions in other forms, men of class.

Battles Won: Angels on high, angels in the sky, goodness and mercy battle angels, angels back to backs. Live and love, life of hate, snakes in dens, rotten apples on the ground. Into the woods, into the worlds in darkness, girls in red hoods. Fairy tales, girls lost in woods, in a coffin, put to sleep, one day long ago. Seven days of the week, seven days the world to create, one man alone. Animals first created, man alone sad and blue, was not happy with snakes in dens. Snakes in gardens of happy dreams, snakes in fields of daisy blowing in the wind. Songs to dance and sing the nights away, walks on the beach, downtime in the hot tub, pieces of a dream, notes to share. 

Be serene in knowing you are succeeding in your goal. The card in the Advice position suggests a course of action which will harmonize what you want with what is currently possible. The World in this position may be giving you permission to do whatever you want. Presently, your motivation is close to the will of the divine. Even if you commit an error, it will be turned to the greater good.

 Stay active and just keep moving forward. It is unnecessary to keep checking or interrupting your spontaneity with calculation. Rather than look for consensus or affirmation from others, simply dance the dance. In other words, express yourself, react naturally and let the chips fall where they may. What matters is divine intention. Whether or not human beings approve is less important. If you allow your ego to inflate, however, you cease to be useful to self.

Dense and dumb, slow and shallow, leader in packs of donkeys. Monkeys and snakes, swingers on dogwood trees. Steven Jarrot, Jewish and Right? Head of the sacks of dung living the life on the edge of life, gifts of good looks, fat as a whale on land, with glasses for the mud views at the bottom, on the bottom of the barrels of snakes. Craps in a bottom of the pot of craps, out of the box for the fruits and nuts to prey on.
Five Cents to take free trips to hell, basket cases of freaks and hell hounds, donkeys in a field of dreams.  Gifts given for the horns of a goat, love and hate, same word for the turkeys. Turkeys in the pot, turkeys cooked, and eaten, thanks to give for the darkness of the eyes of a jackel or a fat fag, males or female fag hags.

Dykes, Days Dates, Daily Dances, Songs To SingMovie Hits, Horse And Pony Shows, Dykes, Butches to bitches, girls in red hoods, trips to hell and back, wishes on moon, stars to shine. Happy notes, happy feet, songs to sing, dances on the sands of time, glory dazes again. Happy notes, happy dazes on the right side of the grave, horns of goats, love and hate, hats off, wigs off at night, things in common, hairs to you.

Dazes in the dog house, dazes with the hell hounds, done and over. Time for English me for the frogs in stories over my head. In the darkness, in the shadows, the cries in the night, for the lost and displace snakes out of the grass. Planes, plans, and goals to get out of dodge. Hell on earth, land shark flipped by land whale, to sleep to be eaten alive. Heartburn saved the day, shark was too rich for land whale. Good times for the shark to swim away for better fish for food. Love the life at the top of food chains.

Blue planes in the sky, times with the fly boys, for the joys and pleasures in a plane. Time to get on a jet plane, to fly in the clouds, close to the sun. Sunny and bright dazes in the air. Free as a bird, up in the sky over the ocean,over the mountains, the sky is the limits. The best times of our lives yet to come. Flying planes for fun, good times in the air, good times on the trips to here and there, blue skies over clear blue seas. Dream life for the good guys, for the dreamers and the dances, goodness and mercy notes.

Soon the night show that the fairies, pixies, and the butterflies, were done with the colors of the sky and the changing colors on the sunset over the ocean and across the waves and the roar of the water and the sand alone the coast of Santa Barbara. The twins Starr and Sabrina Jackson saw another flash of colors alone the sunset on the coast, as they sat on a cliff and watch the boats, and the sun leave the sky. The fairies, pixies and butterflies had done another good job with the lights out tonight, again and like always.

Pure as the snakes in the grass, and the drug dealer daddy, homeless in a RV in Upland, Ventura, and or Palm Springs, it is a frog tale to share, and nothing like the Merchant of Venice with Al Pacino the Jew in the red hat, he knew his place in the 1600. Ask Rachel Jarrot, she has a $6000 wig from Beverly Hills that black magic woman paid for, and she is now a buffalo from cali at a school to become a bigger cow, and has a snake in the grass for a sire, and a Uplands Fag Hag for a mother that is too fat to be married. Sheri Gerstein Jarrot is a 60 year old rejected from the Prince Frog, or Steven Jay Jarrot, and he likes it in mouth and backside for fun and games with clouds in sky or just tina, and he is looking for a dream woman that comes with penis or two. Just for the record. Call and check the phone number is at Jewish Army 2005, and what a story it is about truth and honest in raw form the way of the Jarrots. Thanks so much for the post, and I found more on same series to share. Enjoy.

Just another frog tale, and the Jewish Rock Stars, and or the Jewish Army 2005, and how truth and honest is clear as mud from this tribe of snakes and vipers, is one way to share the experiences with Steve, Rachel, Sheri, Charley, Sima, Jackie Jarrot....etc 


  1. Dream life with frogs, notes of a dogwood butterfly of San Diego, Ca. Fairy tale life with a group of frogs, or an Army of frogs, called Jewish Army 2014-One point of view, of the truthfulness and honest with Steven Jay Jarrot-and his acorns-Charley thief-at 14 years old:Stole $160,000 from sire, without his knowledge for two years. Rotten Rocky Rachel Jarrot-Dyke to Butch, Buff is what she wants to be with the girls like Rocky with long yellow hair. Life lessons from steers and queers of La Quinta, Upland, Denver, Palm Springs, and Ventura.

  2. Fake friend, Cheater, Thief, Liar, and Lyon Sacks of Shit: Steven Jay Jarrot: 7608512267: White/Cuban Male in search of prey on the beaches in Ventura, or where cattle roam in Upland, or Palm Springs always and forever. Friendship, Companionship and Love. - m4w - 52 (Ventura/Upland/P.S.) date of birth: Sept 4, 1962 :age : 52 eye color : green hair : brown height : 5'11" (180cm) status : single

    I've been single almost a year now and its time to find love again. I'm a warm, kind, sensitive, romantic man. I speak Spanish as my second language. I love the beach, camping, movies, concerts all lots of sex, lol. So ladies now is your chance to meet a great guy. I also want to say that any race is ok as beauty comes in a shapes and colors.

    A good heart is what I'm interested in. And lots of cash to from lady love, just a gay guy on the low down. Follow a serpent to hell, and get lucky and return from trip to hell with a Jewish White Super-sized fag in true colors. It is a secret from Fag hags 1-Sheri Jarrot, and fag hag 2 Rachel Gay Jarrot, UCLA Cow now, 2014?

  3. ....Steven Jarrot, 7608512267: devil in the lives of Rachel, Charles R. Jarrot 7607778998: the acorn and the tree on same page, one and the same, started in same clan for a lifetime......fags, fag hags, Jewish Rock Stars, and member of the Jewish Army 2005, and the new royal, the Queen of England, Sima Jarrot, the Cuban transplants. 7608512267


  4. Saint or sinner?...Prince of Jewish Army.... September 04, 1962 Steven Jay Jarrot : Owner/Consultant; ANYWAY TRANSPORTATION. Buys/Sells/Rents/Trades/Cars/Scottors/Wo… and Girls/Drugs/Meth/Pot/Oral Specialist of Craigslist Nightly after midnight.-Markets All works with Ex Wife, Sheri Jarrrot, and Creator of next greatest Jewish Woman. Can be reach at 7608512267 (May 9, 2013)760 360 1613: with kid with a lack of natural hair on head, $6000 wig Rookie/Jewish style, for cover acceptable for hair, Rachel Jarrot, and stole car for Mad Angry Disappointed Shocked Black Woman from Washington, Phyllissa (LLissa), the disable veteran. 760 9020855 or 7604091179 to concur or not. Blast off for fun and games always, childlike for the biggest bangs out of life. Where is Peter Pan now?

    Gay and happy, Rachel and Rocky Jarrot, UCLA: pussy for pussy kind of girls, just like sire..

  5. How can a snake change his colors, notes about Jewish white super-freaks, better than rock stars, just white Jews? same thing?Thanks again.. Best fake friend, cheater alert, girlfriends change by the hour, for pimp and drug dealer, new bags of best sacks of shit to spare, extra special this holiday seasons.

    Season passes available with purchase of two fists for Seven snakes or STEVEN JAY JARROT, UP HIS ASS DICKS HAVEN.... he does know his way around a dick, best cucksucker to date...: 7605643510: 83458 Tropical Whisper Court, Indio, Ca. 92201..RACHEL JARROT. BUTCH, and buffs, wide-ass: Super-Freaks Sheri, Sima, Charles R., and Jacqueline Jarrot, party and play together for happy dazes as asses still. Home in hills of Riverside,donkeys in the hills, jackasses dead-Jarrots, Charley, and Jean Paul Jarrot. Happy Holidays 2014. 7608512267.

  6. Wits And Charms, Rats To Races, Horses And Donkeys Rides. Veterans: Thanks For Service, Wits And Charms, Rats To Races, Horses And Donkeys Rides.Sheri And Sima Jarrot. Safe for now, out of the dens of snakes, serpents, reptiles that are not attorneys, and spineless, are some of the things in common with Steven Jay or Gay Steven, or Eve with Adam, not Steven and Adam on the down low always, lifestyle to dream about camping in a RV in Ventura, CA.

    Lessons learned with a snake in the grass, classes with the whales on land. Rach Jay?Yahoo Answers Rachel Jarrot, crook like sire? .Cans Short, Full Decks, Mistakes In: Charles R Jarrot: Debt Relief ..1875 Century Park E #700, Los Angeles, CA 90067.Rats To Races, Horses And Donkeys Rides. Veterans: Thanks For Service, Wits And Charms, Rats To Races, Horses And Donkeys Rides.

    Sheri And Sima, Steven Jay or Gay Steven, or Eve with Adam, not Steven and Adam on the down low always, lifestyle to dream about camping in a RV in Ventura, CA. Rach Jay?Yahoo Answers Rachel Jarrot, crook like sire? Follow. Report Abuse. Are you sure you ... Wigs and caps, bald heads, Rach Jay?Rachel Jarrot? hiding horns?...Phone:(310) 777-7889...Open today · 9AM–8PM