Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Prince of Frog:Jewish Style

Cries in the Night: The run in with the pass came as a slap in the face, $37,000 in a year was the grand total wasted with the association with the Prince of Frogs, and questions about where the money went, and how was it possible were the big questions. Skills to cheat, skills to lie and take from every direction, and hope that the lights stay out, and that being truthful and honest are words to knock on wood about, because the stories are twisted.

Was it love and devotion that caused the attention to taking cash for things that you knew you did not have the cash for, but it was okay because the lack of interest was doctored, and the lights were out for the court. There was the dislike for the people that ruled his world, Danny George the master of the clouds in the sky, and he has the dental work to show for it, and the lack of interest to change that fact, other than to attack the food he eats with just four teeth yet. 

Love for him or some kind of interest was placed for life, just because he gave him a life when he was down and out, and the stories about what kind of loser he was. In their hay day, Danny had money to burn and he liked the sport of giving it away on or in hand at the poker table. Always noted was how bad of a poker player he was, and how the pleasure was for Buster to take his money from him over a card game of poker. Views had been placed that this was a slave for life, the clouds in the sky to control for the next season of a life time of a slave to follow him for life. 

The funny thing is that Danny did put his self on the list for housing, and also waited that time period out, until he got housing outside of the RV, and a home base, and this was something that was needed, and everyone needs a house with running water. It all began because of the lack of class, it was all about the class and what was different, and how come you can make a dog learn new tricks. It is about the stories that happen and who's point of view that will be heard. Ventura, California is a great place to be if you have down time, and nothing else better to do than hang out, going to the beach in a RV and you live for the sound of the waves, the money needed for everything  is not there, so the search for friends with cash is a daily search.

Love and devotion is giving to the pleasures of dreams of greatness for the bald head baby are place in the focus points all around the living space, and mindset is in projections for the lack of truthfulness and honesty. Pictures fall in the trash because of the image of the Buffalo Girl are not shared, instead the faults are questions about actions and behavior are questioned, and the views are still noted that cash is king and cash rules the Prince of Frogs and the Jewish Rock Star, and people are there to give them cash for the things that they want. fake friend, to party and play life away, song and dance to help for displace disable people, veterans or not, will steal, rob, and cheat family members, what about friends and foes? Crook to the day he dies, undead and unstable now, joys to the world and the tasteful pleasures await, taking turns on Steven's Jarrots face, and two fists up his ass, his secret delights to cum and play today.....Prince September 04, 1962 Steven Jay Jarrot : 83458 Tropical Whisper CT, Indio, CA. Owner/Consultant; and play, Thursdays for the rest of the year. Sex toys for sale, 2 fist contest up Steven's Ass, winners nightly. cum tasteful pleasures.

Paris Dates: Sites To See, trips with giant, man with yellow hats, knights and kings. Men of means, retired, lots of cash on tables. Gifts and helping hands, housing for veterans, across  the states. 255 one one projects in the works. The big picture, castles in the sky, birds and bees, dances on shores of time, plans to fly, notes to go. 

Tricks and trades, sucker for dicks to suck, games to play. Pimp on land, pimp in Upland, golden cows, hairless turkeys to fuck, on down low. Sex changes, fist up ass tricks to trade. Gifts from seven snakes, frog in mirror, looks fading. Computers and phone stolen more than six times. Sinners or saints, birds and bees, dogwood butterflies stuck in snake dens. Good times, lessons learned, once a snake always a snake, cheater. Glasses colored in mud, glasses covered in cum, glasses for frogs and freaks. Earth angels, fairies, and pixies stuck in a pack of wolves. Mountains to climb, back from the dead, saved. ANYWAY TRANSPORTATION. Buys/Sells/Rents/Trades/Cars/Scottors/Women/Men/Boys and Girls/Drugs/Meth/Pot/Oral Specialist of Craigslist Nightly after midnight.-Markets All works with Ex Wife, Sheri Jarrrot, and Creator of next greatest Jewish Woman. Can be reach at 7608512267 or 50925 Paradise West Drive number B: La Quinta, California 92253. May 9, 2015: with kid with a lack of natural hair on head, $6000 wig Rookie/Jewish style, for cover acceptable for hair, Rachel Jarrot, and stole car for Mad Angry Disappointed Shocked Black Woman from Washington.

Windows Dark: Light and Darkness: Up for The Time Of Day: Jokes and History Shines. Dates with snakes, dates with monkeys, Jesus Christ, Steven Jarrot, hanging on dogwood trees. Dreams in action, might have dreams in action to the plans and goals set for a better life, joys and pains of love and devotion, love and hate horns on a goat, love the moments of peace, joy and laughter. Happy holidays, seasons greetings, peace, joy and a touch of love and understanding, for the fools, frogs and freaks up at night.

 Party and play today with oral experts Steven, Rachel, Sheri, Sima, and Charles R. Jarrot, just to name a few. Cattle, bison, butches, bitches and fag hags, songs to dance and sing all day long. Fun and games to cum and take turns on their faces in Upland, Westwood, Indio, Ontario, Ventura, Oxnard just to name a few places where the buffalo, and the forever buffs, bitches, and butches come home from the open ranges in California.

 Home to the bison and the buffalo Colorado butches, and bitches, whales and tales of attacks for the lack of natural hair. Attacks on the dream lifes of Rachel, Randy, and Rockwell Jarrot, queens of the fields of grass not hay. Happy and gay, just like the other family members, joys and pains of a $6000 hairdo still. Need another for the hair lost yet, dream life to have no hair to shave daily off legs, real true dream of mine. What bitch about lacks of locks of hair to blow in the wind on the sand and the surf of the beaches of life. Live large in the blue, and buy colored hair to make more statements about how vain the cows are that are the golden calf of the tribe of fools, frogs and freaks.


  1. Same guy different day.Fake friend, Cheater, Thief, Liar, and Lyon Sacks of Shit: Steven Jay Jarrot: 7608512267: White/Cuban Male in search of prey on the beaches in Ventura, or where cattle roam in Upland, or Palm Springs always and forever. Friendship, Companionship and Love. - m4w - 52 (Ventura/Upland/P.S.) date of birth: Sept 4, 1962 :age : 52 eye color : green hair : brown height : 5'11" (180cm) status : single

    I've been single almost a year now and its time to find love again. I'm a warm, kind, sensitive, romantic man. I speak Spanish as my second language. I love the beach, camping, movies, concerts all lots of sex, lots of luck?. So ladies now is your chance to meet a great guy. I also want to say that any race is ok as beauty comes in a shapes and colors.

    A good heart is what I'm interested in. And lots of cash to from lady love, just a gay guy on the low down. Follow a serpent to hell, and get lucky and return from trip to hell with a Jewish White Super-sized fag in true colors. It is a secret from Fag hags 1-Sheri Jarrot, and fag hag 2 Rachel Gay Jarrot, UCLA Cow now, 2014?

  2. Just one lover of this dream partner, for a trip on the wild side. Good Times, Party Time still, a good time date for a week or two. Dances with devils limited for sure....Dead again, and done to death by love by fun and gas, with the seven snakes, build into the fake friends, Steven Jarrot: 7605643510:Twisted and bend truthful and honest, with drugs to share, party and play, today with the oral specialist of craigslist, is a crook, and a cheater on all levels of life, Views are like noses, and everyone has one, so what be true to yourself, the only person around daily for you, others might not be out for your best interest. Snakes in the grasses, are fake friends that are true to you as long as it fits, in plans to steal more out of the sex trades with Steve Jarrot, and acorns Rocky, Rachelle, Sima, and Jackie Jarrot or something else, another example in the care and loving natural to them as a group. Happy with gay lifestyle and the extra sex trades for the drugs that rule and control so many today. You also a slave to drugs with sex players that are there for the day, week, summer, or for trades or tricks with ass fuckers, that are white and pure as snow, in their world.

  3. May 2013. Steven Jarrot-7607778998: of Anyway Transportation at locations in RV, alone the shores of the beaches in California,, as he searches for prey now as always, in La Quinta ,CA lives with his mother of 95 years old. Stole from her just like son Charley, to steal from his old Jewish Grandmother, Sima Jarrot, the kid also stole cash out of bank, as well as more cash, with $160K out of Daddy's Account when just 14 years old. Charley Jarrot was rewarded for living, with the cash and Daddy Dearest did not know. Thief just like Daddy, and Daddy's little girl with out natural hair any longer Rachel Jarrot, of buffalo school in Colorado, home to steers and queers, and now she is a bigger cow to buffalo for the beef.... and Black Veterans main target. Last one gave car to Steven Jay Jarrot, for being a snake, in his dreams, so he stole it just for the fun of it, and the loss was just something that he wanted to do for kicks?. I do not think so Steven can be reached at 7608512267 he will confirm story, he was ticked pink with charms for weak, disable veteran women .


  5. Pure as the snakes in the grass, and the drug dealer daddy, homeless in a RV in Upland, Ventura, and or Palm Springs, it is a frog tale to share, and nothing like the Merchant of Venice with Al Pacino the Jew in the red hat, he knew his place in the 1600. Ask Rachel Jarrot, she has a $6000 wig from Beverly Hills that black magic woman paid for, and she is now a buffalo from cali at a school to become a bigger cow. Switch - There'll never be: Great song, better place in my head, hearing that song. Great job, switch the book, views and noses online, history to note, filling in the holes.

    Angels to call, angels in host, singing songs, glory dazes gone, pages to turn. Glory dazes to come, hopes and wishes for a better herd, monkeys in packs to dodge, donkeys here for free rides. Jewish Wales, movie: whales on land, cows to call, hippos and pigs, hogs to dinner, treats to trade, sex for dung, sex for drugs, sex for love, freaks, frogs, fools, faces in the asses of donkeys.

    Dream lives with head in sand, dream lives up a bitches ass, dream live to suck dicks for a job, blow jobs on the corner. Dimes to trade, sex for drugs, fun and games, dream lives on the side of the road, in parking lots, on the beach, ways to live large. Dreams made in the sands, snakes, frogs, and American Toad.

    Snake in the grass for a sire,Uplands Fag Hag for a mother that is too fat to be married. Sheri Gerstein Jarrot is a 60 year old rejected from the Prince Frog, or Steven Jay Jarrot, and he likes it in mouth and backside for fun and games with clouds in sky or just tina, and he is looking for a dream woman that comes with penis or two. Just for the record. Call and check the phone number is at Jewish Army 2005, and what a story it is about truth and honest in raw form the way of the Jarrots. Thanks so much for the post, and I found more on same series to share. Enjoy.

  6. Third eye open, notes from the nines, dreams in the movies, notes to matters of the world. Tales told long ago, fights to come, battles and wars, friends and family, turning faces in the dark. Notes of the last dazes in the sun, stories in the movies, stories in the songs left behind, angels in the air, dead and gone, birds and bees, singing songs for years.

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