Saturday, December 13, 2014

Day of Rebirth

Dawn Begins
The Fairy and the Frog: Day of Rebirth:Butterflies with Fairies:  Dawn the Birth, Colored Wings It was not a hot day by any means, it was a warmer day than yesterday and it was not raining. Another sunny day in the state of sunshine daily. Not this year lots of rain for December 2014.Time to become a duck, or a turkey, to deal with 9 inches of water, get your pond set up also? Happy Holidays, enjoy yourself always, give more than you take. Good times to share always lessons to be learn, as a teacher or a student, sinners and saints stories here to share. Goodness and mercy forever gifts to share, peace on earth, good will towards men, and the frogs and snakes.

..Prince September 04, 1962 Steven Jay Jarrot : 83458 Tropical Whisper CT, Indio, CA. Owner/Consultant; and play, Thursdays for the rest of the year. Sex toys for sale, 2 fist contest up Steven's Ass, winners nightly. cum tasteful pleasures.

Season passes available with purchase of two fists for Seven snakes or STEVEN JAY JARROT, UP HIS ASS DICKS HAVEN.... he does know his way around a dick, best cucksucker to date...: 7605643510: 83458 Tropical Whisper Court, Indio, Ca. 92201..

Where are the snakes now, in the desert under the rocks, under the bottom of the barrows, in the hills of Riverside, donkeys in the hills and in the desert. Fruit and nuts to go, for the men that date Steven, has been a practice to suck and let the dicks leave, standard of life for a gay guy. Happy and gay for a lifetime of lies, about how big the dicks that are best to suck, Rick Benson, George Benson, Dicks that wonder about the class of cuck sucker in the house, for fun and games, and to suck the life out of your free will. 

Freak for the true colors, male fag hag, the right story to share, hemal of the Jewish flip side of the coin. Lover of self, and lovers of cum to trade for tasteful pleasures, role model of the worst kind, depends....Once a snake, will remain a snake, changes skins nine times a year, nature of the beast.

Steven Jarrot: Dream partner? Dick Lover ? GAY? Charmer snake in the grass? Steven Jarrot:7605643510-to date men on down low:Secert gay lifestyle to party and play away to the death. Family fuck fest thurdays in December. Party and play today?7608512267?7607778998?7603601613? 83458 Tropical Whisper Court, Indio, Ca. 92201..RACHEL JARROT. BUTCH, and buffs, wide-ass: Super-Freaks Sheri, Sima, Charles R., and Jacqueline Jarrot, party and play together for happy dazes as asses still. Home in hills of Riverside, donkeys in the hills, jackasses dead-Jarrots, Charley, and Jean Paul Jarrot. Happy Holidays 2014. 7608512267.
Snakes in the Grass: Enough for the Charmed

Snake in the grass definition, a treacherous person, especially one who feigns and of candy, flowers, diamonds (glass), in the name or words of truth and honesty in a twisted way, acceptable to family and friends, Daniel George, Sheri Jarrot…

What a story to tell, what a family to love, what a lot of time wasted with the ugly people, that loved themselves more than father or mother love share, with crimes committed within the family of Steven Jarrot, and that is okay, not sure how you can get over the song and dances that cheats life on so many levels. Food for fools, food for the freaks out at night, same story, different dazes, different locations to park the RV on the shores of Ventura, CA to watch the ocean work. Dreams to made of bags of dung to bag daily, 5 pounds of dung in a bag for the trash, the best part of RV parking without running water, your turn. Fun and games, bags of dung, bags and bags of shit, gifts from the gods in the RV camping of course, on the side lines of life. Life on the edge, happy holidays 2014.


  1. It is the fag hag again Sheri Cattle caller (Sheri, rachel, or reese Jarrot) 7603601613., that is too bigs for her pants, so she wears Sergio’s also, it’s the bald headed baby again Rocky, the Jewish Rock Star, cannot find a daddy with cash. Granddaddy will have to do, because daddy cannot, and the hairdresser wants to bitch about everything still, and what she can do with the short hairs, she will depends on if she can find a kat or not for the cream. $37,000 in a year for Sergio to smoke was not enough, so he had to go and wish for another star to fund his sex with men and use Piper as a cover is gone, for the moment, and it was all about the truthfulness and honesty about the car.

    It came out in the end, that a fake key was made for the intention of stealing the car, because he wanted a Mercedes to drive. He had told piper it was for love and devotion, the reason he stole the car, never telling the other part, about how it was towed to keep it off the road, and that he wanted another car to drive. It was at Randy’s house after it got towed there of course. This had not been anything to talk about ever, just that the buffalos picture ended up in the trash, and it was about the pleasure in the frame to jack to, is what Piper always thought. It was a twisted father daughter thing that they had going on, and it was okay with everyone in that army of frogs. The calls to the high school, for the excuse about the curse and the aunt in town, and the head was going for the twin features, so could daddy call and talk about the blood? Why not, just wanted to know if the second bag had been collected yet, was the question Sergio wanted to know?

  2. End: Effects Never Dies
    Never be a beast of burden, for the riches, for the joys and pleasures, you just want to find, the good times, the loves of life across the world. There is so much more. Songs to sing, tough enough, rich enough, has to be tall enough the rolling stones for good times, classic hits to share.Rolling Stones songs are some of classic tunes to dance the nights away with, good times. Lies told to stay, but the controversies are not clear, upside down views to flip, just to understand the clues. When the horses and the rats go out for dollars to work or to play.

  3. Freaks, Friends, Frogs And Snakes, Scary Actors, Frights
    Movie Stars, Screams Out Loud, Good Times, Movies Made, thanks so much. Good times, classes on love and hate, sheep and goats, horns on a goat, horns to sound. Rach Jay, snakes and bitches in heat, chicks to date. Rachel Jarrot, cheap trick, corner worker, gang bang rukes, tricks and trades. Santa Monica College, USB instead, classes to directed, flipping cards, poker players. Songs to sing, monkeys swingers in dogwood trees. Monkeys and big cats, trips to hell and back. Bumps in the road.

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  5. Glory dazes to come, hopes and wishes for a better herd, monkeys in packs to dodge, donkeys here for free rides. Jewish Wales, movie: whales on land, cows to call, hippos and pigs, hogs to dinner, treats to trade, sex for dung, sex for drugs, sex for love, freaks, frogs, fools, faces in the asses of donkeys.

    Dream lives with head in sand, dream lives up a bitches ass, dream live to suck dicks for a job, blow jobs on the corner. Dimes to trade, sex for drugs, fun and games, dream lives on the side of the road, in parking lots, on the beach, ways to live large. Dreams made in the sands, snakes, frogs, and American Toad.

    Snake in the grass for a sire,Uplands Fag Hag for a mother that is too fat to be married. Sheri Gerstein Jarrot is a 60 year old rejected from the Prince Frog, or Steven Jay Jarrot, and he likes it in mouth and backside for fun and games with clouds in sky or just tina, and he is looking for a dream woman that comes with penis or two. Just for the record. Call and check the phone number is at Jewish Army 2005, and what a story it is about truth and honest in raw form the way of the Jarrots. Thanks so much for the post, and I found more on same series to share. Enjoy.