Monday, April 14, 2014

New Dazes Starts

Frog Dazes Done: Butterflies with Fairies: Dawn the Birth was a process for the fairies, and always started on the day of rebirth every year, March 18, 2014, was the dawn of a new program. Colored Wings were still needed for the party, that we were having for May Day, and we were running out of time.   It was not a hot day by any means, it was a warmer day than yesterday and it was not raining. Another sunny day in Seattle, and it was set to be another one tomorrow.

 In my head, rather visit the dead that are still living, with one foot in   grave........So many people are busy dying and they forget that it is the little moments that count the most......
Not in the grave, and on the right side of the grave is how I like to say it, and there are few come backs for that greeting....

Frogs and bullfrogs, cows and buffalo, snakes and vipers in the den, and truth and honesty just punch lines, with the Lawless, Clarence and Janet Lawless, that steal, cheat, and lock out the minors in their care. Is this a honorable thing for this pair of Lawless people that work for a Coming of Age Foster Family Agency?

 Peter the head dick in charge of placement of the minors stolen, branded and kidnapped for a dime or two for the rest of his life, no I forgot he will not expire he will float away, and it will be a happy day for the kids that will not be taken from a death God. Children Protection Services is in fact Children Prison System, and the crime is that the parents are to poor to fight, and it is a losing battle for the disable, weak and the old, who has kids to care for.

 Any excuse will do to remove minors from families, for the pay checks for the Slave traders that work there. They are above the law, and will not have to answer to anyone in a court system is the common belief of the workers, what is wrong with this picture?

.How could you ask for more?The brainwashing was in place, and he was label a misfit, loser, and set up to fail. It is going to take a dragon slayer of an attorney to go to battle and save this youth, from the botton of the barrow, and catch him before he falls thought the cracks.

It was points of views from the lawless, Clarence Lawless and his wife Janet Lawless, and Dean and David McCoy, Alex Lamber or Lacks or Leadass, or what ever, slave traders all of them, A Coming of Age Foster Family Agency, with offices in Moreno Valley Mall. They steal the kids, and tell them stories, that keep them in the system, then there is the church.

The women works for Children Protection Services, and the man who she is married to is a Deacon in the Crossroad Community Church, on March Air Force Base, church and state married in the same house. What is wrong with this picture?

Minor has both parents that are military trained, and have plans to correct the loss of basic human rights from this minor and the others still in foster care because of the monetary factors, and the views on programs in place that do not work, correct this problem and free the minors that are in this prison system, called Children Protection Services. Calls to 760 705 8888 for more data to continue the fight that is in progress to correct the hate crimes committed daily.

 Companies that are state funded to kidnap, steal, brand, and sell minors for the good of the people in these agencies, the slave traders of April 14, 2014. STOP THEM! 619 634 3773- 763 244 3872 texts are better, leave contact data and what you can do on this project, and location, location, and location is needed to get started. Happy Monday, just a little early, getting a early start..


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