Sunday, September 18, 2016

Transgendered: Color Me Badd - GOODINSWEETTIPS.BLOGSPOT: Thinkin Back. Coins To Flip, Hats And Wigs.

Insane for a fee, crazy for free, check in the bank. Clowns to the left, insane for free, crazy for free, mental attack, veterans not in that boat. Boats, ships, dreams on the water, tricks and trades, frogs and snakes in the water, oceans of blue, oceans of tears, oceans of clowns for free. Guns and girls, jokes and laughs, wolves and snakes in the woods. Gifts to share, tales in the air, clowns to the left, poker players, snakes to play games. Fairies, Friends, Foes, Facts, And Funny Faces. Fish, Frogs, Snakes, Worms, Dances On Sands Of Time. Sunny And Bright, Dreams.

Words to take to heart, Make Me Wanna Holler,  Fairies, Friends, Foes, Facts, And Funny Faces. Fish, Frogs, Snakes, Worms, Dances On Sands Of Time. Sunny And Bright, Dreams.over the snakes and frogs, friends of minute, never more like it. Veterans to caught, and give a free ride to hell, in a basket, sharks and land whales, battles and wars. Games to play, stories left to follow the growth, the lies, the funny faces of cheaters, crooks and liars over time and space. Taxes to pay, holler about that, hands in the air, American Birds, sit and spin. Words to share, songs to play over time and space, birds in the heaven, dead ducks. 

NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND LYRICS -  Fairies, Friends, Foes, Facts, And Funny Faces. Fish, Frogs, Snakes, Worms, Dances On Sands Of Time. Sunny And Bright, Dreams.The heaviest burden is an empty pocket." Stuck In The Middle - A cow has a long tongue but can't say a blessing."A-Z Lyrics.Jewish Proverbs: A wise man hears one word and understands two..Chicago. I assume Gerry Rafferty laughed about his parody of a dominant Bob Dylan all the way to the bank.

Deleted by the hackers, crooks and robbers, trying to steal time, as well of the joys and pleasures of a saint. Lost in a den of snakes, left for dead, shark flipped and eaten alive, did not know what had happen, lots of 5150 calls, wanted to take the cash and buried the girlfriend that was staving to death. Almost dead at 105 pounds, habit of pigs and hogs, hard to beat. 

Back in time, 2013, notes of a sinner, notes of aunt, notes of a mother, notes of a black bitch, the boss on board, the bitch on board. Bitches to butches, dykes with dicks, Uritza Smith, Rach Jay, Rachel and Sima Jarrot, mothers and fag hags, Sheri and Steven Jarrot, tales of donkeys at the birthday party, of the days in darkness. It is still a matter of class, and the classes were able to come together for a period, and change was needed to do the long run. The choices have been made, and the story is a do over again, and that is all. The first two times around were done for the wrong reasons, and the charm was good enough for those two. 

Not me, not the bump on the log, not the fence posts: the differences have not been noted, and the threats keeping coming in. Why? That was the lesson taught by the father, and the past is due for another cycle. So the period of darkness will go on. Now there is a need to leave on the next train out. My plans have worked, and the season will end this year, and the next people or group will show up for the next part of the journey to the land of milk and honey. The promise land is still off in the distance, but there is still tomorrow, and the best is yet to come. Just need to make a new plan, and get on out of dodge. No trips to fake land across the border for the lack of hair issue.  Blue Oceans, Blue Birds And Bees, New Lives Starts, Pages Turned.

Happy Hits, winners and lowers life forms, frogs in the water, frogs in the house. Games to play, music to play, bests of loves, sinners and saints, brains in asses, donkeys in the hills. Tales to spin, frogs in the house, snakes in the grass, bears to arms. Wings to fly, butterflies, moths, and bugs, wings to fly away, dances in the winds, dances done to death, dances with frogs. Singing songs, telling tells, birds and bees, happy dazes again, glory days done, trips to hell and back, time on the cross over and done, frogs out of the house..... Fairies, Friends, Foes, Facts, And Funny Faces. Fish, Frogs, Snakes, Worms, Dances On Sands Of Time. Sunny And Bright, Dreams.

. Fairies, Friends, Foes, Facts, And Funny Faces. Fish, Frogs, Snakes, Worms, Dances On Sands Of Time. Sunny And Bright, Dreams...Earth Angels, Saints and Sinners, Faced Frogs...Time to take a stand, time to turn around, time to walk away, girlfriends, get on bus to get back on track. RV Cather: Fags, Catchers Sucks: Pitchers Meet: Gang Bang Steven Jarrot, Transgendered: Color Me Badd - GOODINSWEETTIPS.BLOGSPOT: Thinkin Back. Coins To Flip, Hats And Wigs.760 851 2267: retard new hate or love, hats and horns, hate and love, with a snake. Witty Wise and Healthy: Madness to dance, madness to sing, mad enough to write the sad stories, tales online...

Singing Songs, Joys And Pains, Bumps In Roads, Dancing Dazes - Cowboy hits, books to read, turning the pages, happy tales, live on the land. Land Whales, Seven Snakes Within, the hell hounds. 7608512267. Jarrot Whales on Land 2015,760360613 Fruits and nuts in the tribe. 7609020855. Randy, Rachel, Steven, Sheri, Charles R., Jacqline the $10 Million thief, Allstate fake claims, how many this month? Family practice, and lines of cash for the doctored damages, tell about this one, how much for shit stolen? Sima Jarrot, snakes of the world of frogs. Kissed a frog-Steven Jarrot, Mules for the pills of dung, RV campers.Transgendered: Color Me Badd -  GOODINSWEETTIPS.BLOGSPOT: Thinkin Back. Coins To Flip, Hats And Wigs.

Color Me Badd - Thinkin Back...Tricks, spells, and curses, alive today, men will be frogs. Menvwill be American Toads, dogs and bitches in heat, cum suckers, hell hounds in the woods. Good In Sweet Tips: Monkeys Stealing Things, Steven And Sheri Jarrot, Jokes and laugh, lots of luck, lots of love, coins to flip. Tips and tales, donkey rides...tales of chicks and babes, veterans lost and found, dead for days, love and luck, stuck in a coffin. More dead than alive, fun and games, hows and dreams, girls lost in the woods. Lots of chicks and babes, veterans are then, how to live large, how to go and play, dead notes, dead friends, dead lives, donkeys to ride for free. Sluts? Pages to turn, hits and misses moves to make. GOODINSWEETTIPS.BLOGSPOT.COM|BY GOOD AND SWEET.

Tales of men, homeless and prey, on the roads, at the rest stops, straight, not gay men, the happy men. Pictures of love and hate, jokes and laughs, products to sell, hands out to help. Hands out to harm, hands out to share the cares, the charms, the dicks down low. Tip of tales, tips of dicks, tips of love and hate, goats and sheep, kids to play, horns to sound. Time to stop, to to check the clocks, time still a tale or two. Teeth in heads, jokes to laugh, kids of the young at heart, jumps for joy, songs to sing, glory days again, dances in the dark.

Out of time, out of jokes, history to review, Jewish Hits. Clowns to the left, clowns out of their minds, clowns to help with the moves, shadows in darkness. Goodness and mercy, angels to host, angels in the air, times to stand. Time to turn the pages, tunes to play, songs to sing, beaches of dreams, dances on the sands of time. Faces in the mirror, clowns and frogs, snakes in the water, snakes in the wood. Gifts of girls in red hoods, fairy tales, daily living, blues and greens. Lucky stars, blue stars, wishes and dreams in the air, angles of angels in host, to protect, to guide.

Good and bad, role models, how to sing a song, how to dance to music, some of the lessons learned. Tina Turner, back in time, trapped in hell, lovers and haters, tales online, history in the making, movies to see, hats and horns, dances in shame, love and luck, songs to sing, birds and bees, winds on wings. Tips of tales, tips of pigs, classes of hogs, classes of pigs, pages to turn, books to write, notes to tales. Movie Hits, Cowboy Riders, Crooks And Liars.....Singing Songs, Joys And Pains, Bumps In Roads, Dancing Dazes -

 5 Stars, Bitches, and Babes, Glory Dazes Done.....Singing Songs, Joys And Pains, 

Bumps In Roads, Dancing Dazes -

Blast off for fun and games always, childlike for the biggest bangs out of life. Where is Peter Pan now?
Fake friends, fake smiles, masks on members of tribe called-Jarrot Bisexual White Stars-superstars and legends in the ponds full of sacks of shit, for the mules, donkeys, and the monkeys on the backs of Steve,Transgendered: Color Me Badd -  GOODINSWEETTIPS.BLOGSPOT: Thinkin Back. Coins To Flip, Hats And Wigs. Rachel, Sheri, Charley, Daniel George, Sima  Jarrots, lies white or half lies, not truth or honest to trade lies created to save your own skin.

Wits and charms, words of the wise, tales and tips, lovers and haters, lessons learned over time, lots of hard knocks, ways to go. Classes on love and luck, classes of chicks on the beaches, veterans are some of the best, standards to stand tall. Pages of luck, pages of love, pages of dates, pages of books to turn, dances and horses to runs. Dreams on beaches, dreams in motions, dreams in drama, dances on the sands of time. 

Tips with history created, cartoon characters, monkeys and snakes in dogwood trees. Save the world, with a pimp and his whore, stars at night to shine the way. Birth of a bastard, birth of a king, Jesus Christ, super star, common story, told eight ways. Fairy tales, Bible stories, crooks and robbers hanging from dogwood trees. Bald Birds, American Signs,Transgendered: Color Me Badd -  GOODINSWEETTIPS.BLOGSPOT: Thinkin Back. Coins To Flip, Hats And Wigs. Sit And Spin Times, Lovers Of Drama, Charms For Snakes In

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